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Assassination rogue looking for a guild

Hi, I'm a ilevel 851 assassination rogue on the Fizzcrank server. I've raided before in BC and Wrath within a guild that varied between top 5-10 on the server. I've completed EN on normal. I know my ilvl is kind of low, partially because I gear...
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Got questions? Want access? Post here!


WB to alliance! No, not applying, sorry :(
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Got questions? Want access? Post here!


Just curious, is this the original guild from EQ? Any members from EQ here? I was in the Guild when I played EQ years ago.
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Got questions? Want access? Post here!

May i please have access to the forums?

Again, thank you all for the invite. I can now look forward to enjoying legion with a great group of people.
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Hellfire Logs

I have been logging the raids since Gillie doesn't show up anymore. You can find the logs on two sites below.Warcraft Logsand Ask Mr. Robot
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Hellfire Citadel!

Patch 6.2 is almost upon us with the Fury of Hellfire! Lots of new bosses to kill, so be sure to take a look at both the Fatboss TV PTR previews and the Wowhead strategy guides for each boss. Here's a simple visual someone made to show the order b...
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Gille's Logs since blades is gone , ill start doing them
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Blackhand fatboss guide video

Here's a pretty good video that shows and explains all the phases for tonight. Please take the 10 mins to watch it if you can.
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Guild Signup

How does an old man figure how to sign up for raids?
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The Blast Furnace

I realize we probably won't be heading to the furnace as we're going to be doing some Heroic (yay!) but I was bored at work and I found this reddit:'s aft...
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Need help tracking Oregorger? Try this addon!

Here's a handy addon that tracks Oregorger when he rolls around. get squished again!
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brf videos please watch
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Beta Videos and Guides for Blackrock Foundry!

Blackrock Foundry is upon us! There hasn't been much in the way of guides yet since the fights have only been available on the beta or ptr, but here are some previews of what to expect. Note that all of the videos I am posting are from the beta, s...
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blast furnace
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Imperator kill logs

Great job and congrats to all! So glad I could help on the kill.Now here are some logs, go see what you did wrong and do it better next time.
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Mythic Kargath Video Guide
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More Logs they don't have the Ko'ragh fights in them since I only joined for Brackenspore, but here's logs from our kill.
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1.1. Commonly Used Spells (HoTs) Rejuvenation should primarily be used:to pre-HoT players before a spike of damage;to act as a pre-requisite for casting Swiftmend on players;to heal players who have taken damage. Wild Growth should primarily be...
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Logs - Every Raid

Just posting this here so the post never needs updated
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