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I will be doing a lot of studying, strategy forming, and updating as information/videos are put out and changes are made from now until we get in there. This will be the post to check back to moving forward and as we're getting closer to starting raid.


Darmac is a phase fight. He starts off on foot and takes his first mount at 85% health. His mount is then active and has abilities to deal with, and 1 of each mount's ability sticks with Darmac after the mount is killed. He then takes his next mount every 20% after. The mount he takes is controlled by where he is tanked. He will jump on the closest one. There are 3 mounts to deal with, each with their own unique abilities.

Darmac base abilities:
- Pin Down
- Darmac throws a Heavy Spear at a ranged target. A target is placed on the ground and you have 2 seconds to get out of the way. If the target is hit, he is pinned down and cannot move, taking ticking damage. That spear must be marked and DPS'd down ASAP. Spears that do not hit targets can be burned down slowly via dots/splash damage. PEOPLE GETTING HIT WITH SPEARS TAKES DPS TIME AWAY FROM BOSS, MOVE!!
- Pack
- THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ABILITY TO TAKE CARE OF. Darmac calls Pack Beasts to his aid. These adds must be taken out as quickly as possible. They place movement and damage debuffs on targets that are a stacking effect.

- Cruelfang
- Rend and Tear
- Leaps to a random target causing main target and allies within 7 yards to bleed for 20k damage/3 seconds over 30 seconds.
- Also applied to tanks. Must taunt at 4-5 stacks.
- Savage Howl (enrage effect that can be dispelled)
- Inflicts 31k physical damage to nearby raid members
- Increases attack speed by 75% (also applied to pack beasts that are active)
- Ironcrusher
- Tantrum
- Raid-wide AOE causing 21k nature damage every second over 5 seconds.
- Stampede
- stomps ground causing 71k physical damage and knockback, then charges ranged target and stomps again causing same effect to target and nearby allies.
- Crush Armor
- Crushes target, reducing armor by 10% for 15 seconds. This effect stacks. Tanks taunt at 3-4 stacks
- Dreadwing
- Inferno Breath
- Causes 60k fire damage initially + 12k over 3 seconds to all caught in the frontal cone breath.
- Faces direction and inhales before casting breath, all in the path must move! (dot can be dispelled, but just don't get hit by it)
- Conflagration
- Sets target on fire causing 24k fire damage every second over 6 seconds.
- Target goes into state of panic running around and incapacitated, flames periodically scorch nearby allies for 16k fire damage
- Must be dispelled ASAP
- Searing Flames (tank debuff)
- Melee attacks deal 19k additional fire damage and increase fire damage taken by 20%
- Taunt at 3-4 stacks
- renamed Super Heated Shrapnel. Acts the same as breath, but also leaves fire spots on the ground in the path of the shrapnel.

All abilities that Darmac retains from his mounts deal more damage than the mount's ability did.

Basic strat:
Darmac should be tanked near the door where the pack beasts spawn (as they all come from the same place each time) so they can be picked up right away and kept under control. Raid should be somewhat spread out (the room is not very big) to minimize the damage taken from certain abilities.
Order to kill mounts as of right now seems to be best going Cruelfang, Ironcrusher, Dreadwing. Dealing with Rend and Tear is easier than tantrum, which is easier than super heated shrapnel.


Flamebender is a fight with a lot of things going on and a lot of mechanics to watch out for, more-so than Darmac. She has an energy bar that goes up to 100, then resets. She has an ability at set energy levels. She has 1 add up that must be taken care of first before focusing dps on her.

Aknor Steelbender (Flamebender's add)
- low health, kill right away.
- Devastating Slam
- 225k physical damage to all standing in frontal cone for 15 yards.
- Drop the Hammer
- Leaps at a random player and slams hammer down causing 100k physical damage to anyone within 10 yards and knocking them back.

Flamebender base abilities:
- Lava Slash
- targets random ranged member, marking a spot on the ground causing 80.5k fire damage to anyone within 7 yards of the land zone and leaving a fire trail in its path. Fire trail causes 40k damage to anyone standing in it.
- spreads to anyone 6 yards away from the eruption, and continuously spreads to anyone else 6 yards from that. Ability will jump to everyone if you are not spread away from the eruption point.
- Enchanted Armaments
- summons a blazing sword that casts Unquenchable Flame every 3 seconds causing 100k damage to anyone within 5 yards
- eventually despawns
Energy abilities:
- 25% energy
- Molten Torrent
- Lava meteor that is targeted on a random player, landing after 6 seconds.
- causes 650k damage that is split evenly among all players within 8 yards.
- can be mitigated by abilities such as iceblock, cloak of shadows, deterrence, etc.
- use 3-4 players to split damage if it will not be absorbed by a defensive cool down.
- Ability will continue to be used as long as she is over 25% energy
- 50% energy
- Summon Cinder Wolves
- Summons 2 wolves out of the forge, linked by a chain of flame
- 1 wolf fixates random player, causing melee damage when reaching target (kite around during fixate). Lasts roughly 10 second, then picks a new target. Other wolf becomes empowered and must be tanked FACING AWAY FROM EVERYONE.
- Empowered wolf is Overheated, increasing damage dealt by 50% for 20 seconds
- Empowered wolf casts Charring Breath, causing 50k fire damage in a frontal cone and increases the damage done by the next breath by 200%.
- Fiery Link. The chain of fire between the 2 wolves must be avoided. Getting caught in it causes 10k fire damage every second over 8 seconds and stacks. It is dispellable, but it must be avoided as much as possible
- After 2 fixates, the wolves switch. New empowered wolf must be picked up by the tank that was on Flamebender while the tank that was on the first wolf taunts Flamebender (because of stacking breath effect)
- WOLVES MUST DIE WITHIN 8 SECONDS OF EACH OTHER. After 1 wolf dies, 8 seconds later Rekindling begins to cast. Rekindling heals the health of any active wolves to 50%, and resurrecting the linked wolf.
- Ability will continue as long as she is over 50% energy
- 75% energy
- Blazing Radiance
- Cast on random target, deals 40k damage every 2 seconds. Effect also inflicts 40k damage every 2 seconds to allies within 10 yards. Must move away from everyone when you are inflicted.
- ability will continue as long as she is over 75% energy
- 100% energy
- Firestorm
- Channeled fire storm causing 20k fire damage every 1/2 second over 12 seconds to the entire raid.
- WOLVES MUST BE DEAD BEFORE THIS SPELL. Each active wolf also deals the same damage to the raid.
- Flamebender does not cast any other abilities during this channeling, so the raid should group up for aoe healing and defensive cool downs.
- Resets Flamebender's energy to 0
- After Firestorm
- Rising Flames
- Melee hits also inflict Rising Flames, dealing 11k fire damage every second over 8 seconds. Effect stacks, tanks taunt around 8-9 stacks.

Rinse and Repeat

Basic Strat:
Flamebender should be tanked in the back of the room near the forge. Tank picking up Cinder Wolves needs to be sure to face Empowered wolf away from everyone else in the raid. Raid should be spread out as much as possible to avoid spreading any damage to other raid members. Fixated player should not run all over the room causing the Firey Link to hit allies. Run more directly away from the wolf than side to side.


This is a continuous fight going back and forth between 2 phases (not really phases, but easier for explanation purposes).

Base abilities:
Gronn's Rage
- Damage dealt increases by percentage of health deficit. As his health goes down, his outgoing damage goes up.
Overhead Smash
- Frontal cone attack inflicting 178.5k damage to all raid members in its path (normally targeted on tanks)
- Faces the direction the smash is going to travel
Overwhelming blows (tank debuff)
- Causes 150k nature damage to tank and all members within 15 yards of tank.
- Increases damage taken by 10% per application, lasts 60 seconds.
- Taunt after each Overwhelming Blow
Inferno Slice
- at 100 rage, he casts Inferno Slice, causing 600k damage to primary target.
- directly after does Burning Slash, causing 800k damage split evenly among all players in front of him
- Burns players increasing fire damage taken, and lasts 30 seconds
- Casts every 16 seconds - raid split into 2 groups and taunt back and forth between slashes (like Brutallus)
- Must be sure groups don't get hit with Inferno Slice, but do take Burning Slash - turn boss as last as possible
Petrifying Slam (like shatter slam in original Gruul)
- Players turn to stone over time, eventually get shattered by Gruul's Mighty Roar
- Causes 40k damage to each player, and spreads to any nearby players within 8 yards.
Ground Punch
- Punches the ground, causing 20k damage to entire raid
Crumbling Roar
- roars, causing roof to cave in, inflicting 130k damage and knocking down players hit with falling rocks
- find the first places that rocks are landing and move into those areas after first rocks hit
World Shaking
- Casts an earthquake dealing 22k damage to entire raid

Basic strat:
Gruul should be tanked in the middle of the room with tanks spread at least 15 yards apart, and group split into 2, one on each side of him. Make sure to be 8 yards apart during shatters, and grouped up for Burning Slices. Seems to be a mix between Brutallus and original Gruul fights. Healing cool downs and big defensive cool downs should be saved for later in the fight, as he puts out substantially more damage as his health goes down.


This is one of those fights that has a fairly simple concept...just with a whole lot going on. The Heart of the Mountain is the boss, who starts inside the furnace and you have to blow the furnace up to get him out. Before that happens, there are many adds with many different mechanics to deal with. This is a 3 phase fight, with some aspects carrying into 2 or all 3 phases.

Phase 1
Foreman Feldspar
- Hurls a glob of sludge at a random target dealing 71k fire damage (interruptable)
- AOE ability dealing 57k damage to entire raid
Hot Blooded
Constant AOE ticking entire raid with fire damage (negligible damage)
Furnace Engineers (top priority to get bombs)
Drop Lit Bomb
- Puts an active bomb on a random raid member. Bomb timers is set at 10 seconds, and explodes dealing damage to target and all allies within 8 yards
- Bombs to be used on Furnace Heat Regulators to either side of the furnace door
- Fires bolt of electrical energy at a target, and jumps to all allies within 5 yards
Repair Furnace Regulator
- Engineer will attempt the repair the damage regulators. This can be interrupted.
Bag of Bombs
- When an engineer dies, he drops his back of bombs. The back is clicked on to take a bomb and take it to a regulator to explode. Bag also explodes after 10 seconds.
- The furnace itself periodically blasts heat throughout the entire room causing 90k fire damage to entire raid
Bellows Operator (2nd Priority)
- Operators use bellows to increase the furnace's heat, increasing the amount of damage a Blast does
Security Guard (low priority)
- to be tanked away from other adds and dps'd down via splash/DoT damage
- Provides a shield around the guard that makes them and any allies within the shield immune to all damage during cast

Phase 2
Primal Elementalists (TOP PRIORITY)
- Channel on Heart of the Mountain making it immune to all damage
Damage Shield
- Raises a shield of elemental energy making caster immune to all damage
Slag Elementals
- Fixates on a random target, focusing all attacks on that target
- deals 40k fire damage to target - Interruptable
Slag Bomb
- Upon reaching 0 health, elemental explodes dealing 120k fire damage to all within 8 yards and becomes dormant
- Temporarily removes Elementalists Damage Shield
Security Guards (low priority)
- Same as in phase 1
Firecaller (HIGH PRIORITY)
Cauterize Wounds
- Cauterizes target's wounds, healing 10% of total health
Lava Burst
- Deals 55k fire damage to random target
- Interruptable, but low priority
Volatile Fire
- Debuff placed on random target that explodes after 12 seconds, causing 80k fire damage to all within 8 yards
- Interruptable, but low priority
- Causes lava under a slag elemental, energizing them and returning them to full health

Phase 3
- No additional adds spawn, clean up remaining adds ASAP
- Furnace resumes periodically blasting, causing AOE fire damage to raid
-Each blast also restores 20% energy to all dormant Slag Elementals, which become active when they reach 100%
Heart of the Mountain
- Heats floor under random player, causing 55k fire damage every second in that spot
- Grows to a max size and stays
- Grows faster the more people are in it (like Lich King's Defile)
- Heats up arms and armor, causing 25k fire damage every second per application, and increased by Tempered level
- tanks taunt at 3 stacks initially, then 2 stacks thereafter (to minimize Tempered debuff)
- Exposure to heat from Heart of the Mountain's attacks gradually increases damage taken.
- Only increases to maximum number of Heat applied and anytime Heat is initially applied to you (3 stacks of Heat = 3 maximum stacks of Tempered. 20 stacks of Heat = 20 maximum stacks of Tempered, etc)

Basic Strat:
Raid to be split into 2 groups, one right and one left of the furnace door (close to where each Regulator is located). Foreman Faldspar should be killed first on the pull. Not a lot of health, and a major annoyance at best. Tanks should then start picking up the Security guards as they spawn and taking them away from other adds so the shield is not applied to any others. (if a shield goes up too close to other adds, guards can be knocked back out of range). Furnace Engineers do not have to be tanked. They do their AOE and throw bombs on random targets, as well as attempt to repair the regulators. Their repair efforts must be interrupted to keep the time it takes to blow them up to a minimum. Bellows Operators should be taken down next in priority when there are no engineers up.
Each person who is targeted with a bomb from an engineer has 10 seconds to get it to their side's regulator and let it blow up. Player and any players close take the damage from the explosion as well, which can be mitigated. This is why there are 2 groups, one on each side. There would be too many people trying to get to 1 regulator with a bomb and blow each other up. When an engineer dies, he drops a bag that can be clicked in order to get a bomb out of it. Same 10 second rule applies. The bag will also blow up where it sits after 10 seconds dealing damage to anyone within 8 yards. Phase 1 kill order: Foreman>Engineers>Operators>Guards
In phase 2, the furnace explodes and the Heart of the Mountain emerges. Primal Elementalists rush in to channel a banishment on it. They also cast a shield on themselves making themselves immune to all damage. Security Guards continue to come out during this phase, and should be handled the same way as in phase 1. Slag Elementals that spawn will fixate on a random target, focusing all attacks on that target. The fixated target should go stand on a designated Primal Elementalist, so that when the Slag Elemental explodes, it temporarily takes the immunity shield off the Elementalist. ALL dps needs to burn that elementalist down in the time his shield is off. Firecallers also spawn in this phase and are top priority under an elementalist who's had his shield destroyed. Flamecallers will heal adds and activate new Slag Elementals, which we do not want. Spells Cauterize Wounds and Erupt MUST be interrupted. Firecallers also have a random aggro table and do not have to be tanked. If there is no elementalist with a destroyed shield ALL dps must be on firecallers whenever they're up. Phase 2 kill priority: Primal Elementalist (with no shield)>Firecallers>Slag Elementals (on top of elementalist)>Security Guards
NOTE: If you have a slag elemental on you when a firecaller is up, you need to keep your slag on an elementalist and continue working on killing it.
In phase 3, the furnace starts pulsing blast again, causing raid wide aoe damage. No other adds will spawn, and current adds should be cleared out (still just keeping dots up on guards until they're dead). The furnace's blats will add 20% to each dormant slag elemental's energy level. At 100%, they become active again and must be burned down to minimize incoming damage. Heart of the Mountain's mechanics must be dealt with according, most important of which is Melt. The area it leaves on the ground is considerable in size and will act as a soft enrage, killing the raid if too many are dropped. Start in 1 area of the room, against the wall and drop the melt zones around the room, keeping as much clear area as possible. Tanks taunt off after 3 stacks of heat initially, and then 2 stacks thereafter, to keep the stacks of Tempered to a minimum.


This fight throws in a lot of Environmental mechanics to watch out for and keeps you on your toes. The bosses both share many abilities, with Franzok having 2 extra abilities.

Shared Abilities
Body Slam
- Jumps to a target dealing physical damage
- Leaves debuff increasing physical damage taken by 40% for 20 seconds
- Followed by unavoidable AOE damage to entire raid
- Seems to target farthest away raid member
Crippling Suplex
- PIcks up currently targeted tank and smashes him into the other tank, dealing damage equal to the maximum health of the tank picked up
- Mitigated by armor and cool downs
Pumped Up
- As their rage increases, they deal more melee damage, increases the number of hammers thrown by Skullcracker, Shortens cast time of Disrupting Roar and increases the number of jumps they perform
Franzok Abilities
Disrupting Roar
- Deafening roar that interrupts all raid members within 100 yards
- Stop casting when spell begins to cast
- Throws a hammer at a nearby raid member dealing 128k physical damage.
Environmental Mechanics
5 Moving Belts
- Belts stretching across the entire room that are moving
- Small gaps in between where you don't move (cannot be used to stand on for Searing Plates or Stamping Presses
Searing Plates
- Plates of hot lava that move along the belts, dealing 200k fire damage to anyone caught in them
- Will be a gap on one of the belts (gap moves over 1 belt each set of plates)
Stamping Presses
- Plates falling from the ceiling, crushing and killing any raid member trapped under it.
- Sections where plates fall are marked on the ground 3 seconds before they land.





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