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- Environment mechanics: 4 open pits around the arena. Pits have beasts in them that will kill anyone who falls in. Stay away from the open pits.
- Blade Dance
- Boss charges ranged members causing splash damage
- Impale
- Leaves DoT "Open Wounds" causing target to take additional damage from each subsequent impale.
- tanks swap at 4-5 stacks
- Fire Pillars
- Pop up randomly around the room emitting fire damage around them
- Boss will kill them if he is dragged into them
- Save 2 pillars for boss kiting in later ability
- Berserker Rush
- Fixates on ranged target, moving towards them, killing anyone in his path
- Instantly kills target if he is reached
- Kite boss into fire pillar, so he kills the pillar and resumes normal abilities.
- Chain Hurl
- Grabs 5 closes raid members and hurls them into the stands of the arena where those 5 people kill as many crowd adds as possible in the time they're up there
- If health gets too low, player automatically jumps down early
- focus priority is Bombers > Bile Slingers > Grunts
- Group should consist of 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 DPS
- Crowd Mechanics
- 3 types of adds (Bombers, Bile Slingers, Grunts)
- Grunt - low health, low priority. Applies hamstring effect
- Iron Bombers - toss bombs around arena floor that rest of the raid must avoid. also drops bombs when killed
- Drunken Bile Slinger - throws brew into the arena causing poison on the ground. Casts Vile Breath which stuns any targets in front of it

- Cleave
- Swipes at largest group in melee range every 5-6 seconds
- Places DoT "Gushing Wounds" - targets die at 5 stacks (change soak group after 3 stacks)
- use multiple melee groups of 3 people each
- melee who are not soaking need to be spread away from each other
- Knockback Cleave
- Knocks everyone back, jumps at a stacked ranged group and cleaves (same as melee cleave)
- Have 2 set ranged groups to soak cleaves
- Tank mechanics
- Heavy Hand - passive ability casuing him to hit tank plus closest person (should be off-tank).
- if no one is close enough, hits tank twice and likely kills him
- Tenderizer - caused to current targeted tank
- puts debuff causing 50% additional damage for next tenderizer
- taunt off at 2 stacks
- Cleaver - hits active tank and puts DoT "Gushing Wounds"
- can be mitigated and dodged

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