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1.1. Commonly Used Spells (HoTs)

  • Rejuvenation should primarily be used:
  • to pre-HoT players before a spike of damage;to act as a pre-requisite for casting Swiftmend on players;to heal players who have taken damage.
  • Wild Growth should primarily be used:
  • to heal large bursts of damage, but beware of the high mana cost of this spell, and use it sparingly.
  • Swiftmend should primarily be used:
  • when a single target is in urgent need for a quick (instant cast) heal.
  • Lifebloom should be used:
  • on the tank, or another target who is taking heavy sustained damage.
  • Wild Mushroom should be used:
  • to heal groups of players who are standing together;before a burst of damage will hit the raid, to heal players through it, allowing you to cast other spells;note that with Glyph of the Sprouting Mushroom, you can place the Wild Mushroom healing zone at any desired location.

1.2. Less Used Spells (Direct Heals)

  • Healing Touch should primarily be used:
  • on players who are taking a particularly high amount of damage;
  • Regrowth should primarily be used:
  • on players who are about to die before you can get another, longer cast off, when no instant cast spells are available;on the tank, or another raid member who is low on health or who will take damage soon, if you have an Omen of Clarity proc.
  • It is important to note that, if you are using Glyph of Regrowth, Regrowth will always have a critical effect but its HoT is no longer present. This glyphed Regrowth basically replaces Healing Touch, being more efficient than it.

1.3. Additional Action To Perform
    In addition to simply using the above spells to react to the damage being done, you should also keep the uptime on the Mastery: Harmony Icon Mastery: Harmony self-buff at 100%. This requires that you cast a direct heal (Swiftmend, Healing Touch, or Regrowth) at least once every 20 seconds.

2. Cooldown Usageā†‘top

As a Restoration Druid you have 4 healing healing cooldowns by default. Additionally, you can gain several others depending on your talent choices. Your default cooldowns should be used as follows:
  • Tranquility should be used whenever a very large amount of raid healing is needed. You may be assigned to use this at a specific time, as part of a rotation with other healers.
  • Ironbark should be used to reduce the damage a tank is taking during critical moments (such as when important boss abilities are about to be cast). In the absence of such situations, you should just use it on players who are taking damage. You may be assigned to use this at a specific time, as part of a rotation with other healers and the tanks' own cooldowns.
  • Genesis is too expensive to be used widely. The only time worth using this ability is when [*][*]Swiftmend and Nature's Swiftness Icon Nature's Swiftness are both on cooldown, you have to move, and you have two Rejuvenation effects on someone.
  • Nature's Swiftness should be used on cooldown.

3.2.1. Mastery: Harmony
Your Mastery, Mastery: Harmony, has two effects:

  • A permanent boost to your direct healing. While this is a welcome buff, it is not very impressive, since the vast majority of your healing will come from your HoTs.
  • A temporary, 20 second boost to your periodic healing, each time you cast a direct heal. This part of your Mastery is very strong.
  • It is important to make sure that the self-buff from your Mastery never drops off. This means you need to cast at least one direct heal every 20 seconds. Since you should be using Swiftmend practically on cooldown, the requirement is very lax.

3.2.2. Clearcasting Procs
  • Each time your Lifebloom ticks, you have a 4% chance to get a proc from Omen of Clarity, making your next Regrowth, cast within 15 seconds, cost no Mana. You should use these Regrowths freely, as soon as you receive them, to avoid the procs from overwriting.
3.3.2. Ironbark
  • Ironbark should simply be used on the tank, when they are taking a large amount of damage, or on another player who is targeted by a powerful boss mechanic.
  • In addition to reducing the damage that the target takes, Ironbark also increases your healing done to them by your HoTs by 20%.

3.3.3. Genesis
  • Genesisshould be used sparingly, because of its high mana cost. In fact, you will find that the only times to use this ability are very rare cases when you cannot cast anything else while moving.

3.3.4. Nature's Swiftness
  • Nature's Swiftness should be used on cooldown, or as close to it as possible. You will find it most beneficial to use it with Healing Touch. This macro may prove useful for the purpose.

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This is ABSOLUTELY wonderful! Thank you for putting this together, Noko!

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Haha that's okay! Thank you, Mayo! I hope it's helpful. I grabbed the bits from places that I thought were most helpful.
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Also - I think you gave your own response a thumbs down lol

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i like this! im trying to get a feel for how to heal on my druid, this will help

ok, next boomkin dps pls
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#10573812 Gille wrote:

i like this! im trying to get a feel for how to heal on my druid, this will help

ok, next boomkin dps pls

I'll get right on that!
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