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Get Ready: Highmaul Opens Today!

Mayo / Dec 02, 2014
Well, the big day has come. Most, if not all of us, have leveled our main's to 100. We've geared up. We've got our legendary ring's up to 680. Now, the party begins!

With that in mind, a quick reminder for everyone:

  • We raid on Tuesday and Sunday, from 7-10pm server (central) time.
  • You are expected to be ready for invites at 6:55pm.
  • Flasks (both normal and greater) are available from the guild bank. Take what you need, but be mindful that we're early in the expansion so we're not fully loaded on materials for food, flasks, potions, etc.
  • Please read the posted strategy guides, and expect there to be a lot of wiping since we're learning brand new bosses.
  • A positive attitude and a good sense of humor isn't a request - it's a requirement.

Looking forward to raiding Highmaul with you all!

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I am greatly looking forward to lag and DC's!!
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