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Orcs, Orcs, and more Orcs!

Mayo / Mar 03, 2015
Well, hey there. It's been a while since I've posted to the OTR News. So much to do, so little time!

Highmaul came and went. We left it at 7/7 Normal, 6/7 Heroic, and 0/7 Mythic (because we have lives!). Good times were had, purples were earned and sharded, and we've happily moved on to Blackrock Foundry.

And how are we doing in the Foundry? Well, as of the day of this post, we're 8/10 Normal, and tonight marks our first journey into BFR on Heroic mode! Good stuff!

Since we've been getting recruitment questions recently, I'd like to make sure we're really clear: recruitment is currently closed at the moment. We're running consistently with 19-23 people each night, and we're progressing at a very healthy rate.

TL;DR? That's alright, this selfie from Gille pretty much sums everything up!

P.S. If is hard for you to remember, you can always find us at!



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